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blogg_crews's Journal

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welome to blogg_crews because everyone just loves blog crews =) the main idea here is just to have fun and laim your favorite chachter from any of the blog crews posted here =)


1.First off go to any of the blog crews that intrest you and pick a charchter to claim.If the charchter`s name doesnt already have a LJ user`s name beside it you may claim it.(a LJ user`s name beside it means that that charchter is already claimed by someone else)

2. to confirm that you are claiming a charchter post a comment asking to claim that charchter. but before you ask check the comments above the one your about to post that i havent responded to yet to see if someone else isnt already asking to claim the charchter you want. if this is so the charchter is technically already claimed by them.

3. after i get back to you and approve your claim you may use the code provided in the entry to post that your are a member of the blog crew in your user info =)